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Why Twitter? Maxafeau Editing Services tweets relevant studies, cases, and discussion related to academic writing and publishing. In the last few weeks, Maxafeau has sent out to our Twitter followers links to: - Reviews in the Guardian and Times Higher Education of Michael Gordin's book asking why English has become the dominant language of science; - How to respond to reviewers' comments; ...
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Using social media to get people involved (and caring) about your research field

Getting ordinary citizens involved in your science work and making them understand its importance and relevance is an avenue that needs to become second nature for scientists... This week in the Christian Science Monitor, a research team studying sharks uses social media to get the public involved and interested in the plight of sharks in the world's oceans.
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Looking outside academia for maximizing research impact

The Scholarly Kitchen (Society for Scholarly Publishing) has posted an interview with Deborah Hardoon of Oxfam regarding the recent media success of the organization in getting their research results widely disseminated. Ideas are presented for researchers at universities and similar institutions to get their voices heard outside academic walls.
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Modernizing peer review : discussing Ferreira et al. 2015 Biological Reviews

In the journal Biological Reviews, a group of researchers from the Department of Biology at Trent University have published a paper looking at peer review and the need for a quasi-revolution in terms of how peer review works. Given my academic experience, I was curious to see the validity of their points and how the peer review system has (or has not) changed over the last while. In presenting ...
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