Other bits and bites

Does a second submission of a manuscript (say, after peer-review and acceptance with revisions) to Maxafeau Editing Services count as a new submission?

Yes. Due to the number of changes between pre- and post-peer review, we cannot consider both drafts to be the same document.

Once I submit a document to Maxafeau Editing Services, may I add on to the original text or another document (say, a letter to the journal editor or letter to reviewers)?

You may submit additional text or other documents related to the original manuscript. However, these submissions will be considered as new, albeit welcome, submissions and an estimate of costs will be submitted to you.

Do you edit figures and tables?

We will edit the text and layout of figures and tables included with the manuscript. We are able to edit tables if they are sent in a word-processor format (i.e. not .pdf). Due to the variety of programs used to prepare figures, we are unable to edit within the figures themselves, although all suggested modifications will be flagged.

Does Maxafeau Editing Services review other documents?

Yes. While we have an expertise with scientific and technical documents, we are able to review and edit most English documents including grant reviews, websites, letters, reports.

May I submit a text in French for translation to English?

Although Maxafeau Editing Services are not translators per se, we can offer a translation of paragraphs needing an English version. As well, within predominantly English manuscripts, if authors wish to express ideas but do not find the English words, they may submit these phrases in French.

Does a revision by Maxafeau Editing Services guarantee acceptance by a journal?

We cannot guarantee that the submitted manuscript will be accepted by the chosen scientific journal. We can guarantee that the manuscript will be of high quality and very readable for reviewers.

Do you prepare or ghostwrite manuscripts?

Maxafeau Editing Services does not prepare manuscripts on given topics, nor do we ghostwrite manuscripts, papers, etc. Sorry, desperate, last minuters looking for an easy grade…