What does Maxafeau do?

What type of editing does Maxafeau do?

Maxafeau Editing Services provide copy editing, proofreading and, if need be, structural editing services for scientific manuscripts, documents, reports, grant applications, websites, etc. written in English.

What is a standard “revision” of a manuscript?

A standard revision includes a thorough copy editing, involving the correction of English grammar, logic, and (if need be) structural editing of the document. If requested, we also ensure that the manuscript conforms to the editorial guidelines of the journal to be submitted to, including British/American/Canadian English, the requested manual of style (Chicago, Oxford, etc.), and bibliographic formatting. We will also flag any logical errors in layout or writing within the document. Note that if the bibliography and references in the document are linked to EndNote, Zotero or another bibliographic program, we are unable to edit the actual references but will highlight errors in formatting for the authors to correct.

What do we get back from an editing by Maxafeau Editing Services?

You receive a fully marked-up copy of your text as well as a non-marked up version of the manuscript. All questions and clarifications for the author are included as comments within the document itself.