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mwlogo_130x130_white_reg-6739a  Merriam-Webster (US English)

Cdn oxford  Canadian Oxford Dictionary (Cdn English) - subscription or hard copy only

English-French Translation

Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique

Termium Plus, from the Language portal of Canada

Language Portal of Canada

Language Portal of Canada : Articles, exercises, and links for style, grammar, spelling, writing.... a must.

Via the Language Portal < Writing Tools - access to many French and English language tools and exercises including:

Termium Plus, for finding the right terminology to use,

French-English translation

Grammar use and style

Linguistic recommandations and much more!



Style guides and English grammar rules

Tcdn_stylehe Canadian Style (Excellent overview of English grammar rules and examples)

owl_headerThe Online Writing Lab at Purdue University is an excellent resource for writing in English, having sections dedicated to:

English mechanics, grammar, punctuation, etc.

APA (American Psychological Association) Style Guide

MLA (Modern Language Association) Style Guide

The classic William Strunk Jr.'s Elements of Style

Guide to Grammar and Writing from the Capital Community College Foundation

Web style Guide for website design and presentation

Portal for writing and grammar from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

David Marsh's Grammar rules you can forget (and how pop lyrics are useful for learning grammar) - from the Guardian Newspaper

Style guides

Sources requiring a subscription (or hard copies available) - but are worth the investment:


The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition (Subscription required - or hard copy purchase)


SSFCouncil of Science Editors - Scientific Style and Format, 8th Edition  (subscription required - or hardcopy purchase)

Avoiding 'predatory' journals

Predatory journals are evil and are to be avoided. How to avoid them? Start here for a guide...

Jeffery Beall also has a list of predatory journals and publishers.

Writing tips, manuscript preparation...


PLoS Collections have a series of papers for researchers/academics (Ten Simple Rules Series), many dealing with manuscript writing and publication:

- Ten Simple (Empirical) Rules for Writing Science (by Weiberger et al.)

- Ten Simple Rules for Writing Research Papers (by Weixiong Zhang)

- Ten Simple Rules for Getting Published (by Philip E Bourne)

Kaj Sand-Jensen's (Univ. of Copenhagen) classic How to write consistently boring scientific literature (Oikos 2007)

The IEEE Pulse (engineering in medicine and biology magazine) offers advice on manuscript preparation

Steven Pinker asks why writing (especially scientific writing) is soooo bad. - from the Wall Street Journal

The University of Wisconsin - Madison has a checklist for reviewing the grammar and writing of manuscripts