Author: Murray Hay

Looking outside academia for maximizing research impact

The Scholarly Kitchen (Society for Scholarly Publishing) has posted an interview with Deborah Hardoon of Oxfam regarding the recent media success of the organization in getting their research results widely disseminated. Ideas are presented for researchers at universities and similar institutions to get their voices heard outside academic walls.
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Modernizing peer review : discussing Ferreira et al. 2015 Biological Reviews

In the journal Biological Reviews, a group of researchers from the Department of Biology at Trent University have published a paper looking at peer review and the need for a quasi-revolution in terms of how peer review works. Given my academic experience, I was curious to see the validity of their points and how the peer review system has (or has not) changed over the last while. In presenting ...
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Is the choice of title critical for manuscript acceptance?

In the journal Evolution and Ecology (advanced publication), Charles Fox and Sean Burns look at how titles for manuscripts submitted to Functional Biology have evolved over the last 10 years and whether title structure affected acceptance rates (The relationship between manuscript title structure and success: editorial decisions and citation performance for an ecological journal). They also looked...
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Use Twitter! (for twitter haters): PLOS Discussion

Une discussion sur le blogue de PLOS: comment augmenter la visibilité de vos travaux (et de vos publications) lorsque vous êtes en compétition avec des millions d'autres chercheurs? Réponse: Twitter! Pas envie? Pas pour vous? Cet article vous présente le pourquoi et le comment d'utiliser Twitter pour présenter vos idées.
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