• Increase your chances of publication in a high-level science journal by presenting a clearly written, concise manuscript
  • Expand your pool of potential grant reviewers by writing your proposals in English
  • Present clear, concise ideas in your conference presentations

Why choose Maxafeau Editing?

As lead and co-author of over a dozen peer-reviewed science publications, I understand the level of writing that your science requires.
My aim is to help you get your work published. I go beyond grammar and syntax to ensure you submit a concise, interesting, attention-grabbing paper. I point out weaknesses in logic and argumentation, reorganize text to ensure flow, verify the content and use of source material.
I alone edit your manuscript; it is never given to an unknown editor. You therefore always work directly with me to ensure that your ideas are conveyed exactly as you wish.
I am also a member of the Editors' Association of Canada and the Association of Earth Science Editors.
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Since 2016, Maxafeau Editing has helped over 250 papers and book chapters become published. These papers cover the fields of geology, biology, forestry, economics, hydrology, material sciences, and many others.